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Top traders from around the world appear on JadeFOREX Copy Trading.

Thank you very much for always using JadeFOREX.

At JadeFOREX, we have been continuously working to enhance our trading environment and improve our services to provide an environment where everyone from beginners to veteran investors can trade with confidence.

This time, we would like to introduce JadeFOREX Copy Trading, a convenient way to manage your assets with cTrader Copy.

When you hear about automated management, many people think of automatic trading with MetaTrader4 or 5 EA, but this typically requires a 24-hour operational PC and specialized knowledge to use the software, making it a field not easily accessible to the general public.

JadeFOREX Copy Trading (cTrader Copy) is a service that combines the best features of these automated management systems. It allows for an easy, fund wrap-like style where all you have to do is choose and invest (multiple products can be operated simultaneously).

This was realized as a result of our company’s months of negotiations, resulting in agreements to provide operational products (strategies) from operators (strategy providers) active around the world.

Customers who have an account with us can check strategies for free from a PC or mobile device anywhere, and can start and stop automated operations at their discretion at any time.

There are two types of strategies, free and paid. The paid ones have the fees clearly stated in advance, and the operation begins upon the customer’s consent.

Let’s start easy asset management with JadeFOREX Copy Trading, where the world’s wisdom has gathered.


(*) An example of the strategies being distributed

We look forward to your continued support of JadeFOREX, which continues to evolve day by day.


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