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Support for the launch your brands

White label" in the FX industry refers to a program that provides a complete package of mechanisms, such as trading platforms and exchange rate offers from liquidity providers, that enables a person to operate as an original branded FX broker.

As a practical matter, setting up a FX broker from scratch is expected to require considerable financial and human resources. However, if you use our white label to launch a forex broker, all the packages are already in place, so you should be able to get a relatively realistic start to your business.

Jade FOREX's white label is aimed at corporations looking to get into the online trading business.


Allows for customization
of business


Start operating under
your own brand name


platform package


Consulting for
operation, etc.

01.About Jade FOREX White Label

With Jade FOREX's white label program, you can build your own forex trading platform. We will provide you with everything you need to start your own Forex brokerage. By providing only the start-up capital and operational staff, you can start your own Forex brokerage more efficiently than ever before.

02.Flow up to the start of operation

The approximate flow of how to start white-labeling operations at Jade FOREX is as follows. Please note that there are times when we do not accept new white-label applications.


Contact us

If you are interested in our white labels, please contact us first by filling out the inquiry form. Our staff will contact you after confirming your inquiry.

We are not accepting new white label applications at this time.


Interview and internal screening

We will interview you once before signing the contract. After that, we will conduct an internal screening according to our company's standards. Please note that we are not able to offer this service to every person or company that requests it.



We will proceed with the contract when both parties are satisfied. We will send you a written contract by mail, and the contract will be officially concluded when all the documents are in order, including the seal and signature.


Preparation for system provision

We meet with the client to finalize the design and prepare the trading platform and customer management system package.


Start of operations

You will start your forex brokerage as our white label. Of course, we can also provide consultation after the start of operation.

Fastest 1 Minute

JadeFOREX offers a quick account opening that allows you to open an account immediately by providing your name, email address and password. This allows you to start a trade with a very simple procedure.

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