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In order to use Jade FOREX services, you must carefully read and agree to the following guidelines. By applying to open an account, you are deemed to have agreed to these guidelines.

Jade FOREX Terms of Use

Jade FOREX is available to any adult over the age of 18 who agrees to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy after promising to comply with these guidelines.

Rules for Opening an Account

Jade FOREX will issue an account number upon completion of the account opening process. All documents required for account opening must be submitted before any withdrawals can be processed. Proof of identification must be current and proof of address must be within 3 months of issuance. No third party can open an account on your behalf. The account must be opened by the applicant himself/herself.

Deposit Rules

Jade FOREX does not accept any deposits by third parties. Deposits can only be made under the same name as the trading account holder. Deposits made in the name of a third party will be immediately reversed. If a withdrawal has already been made at the time of discovery, only the deposited amount will be refunded, even if profits have already been confirmed. Please note that any profit will be void. In the case of a confirmed loss, the amount to be refunded will be the balance of the loss minus the amount of the loss. Please make sure that your deposit is made from the same account name as your trading account.

In addition, we only accept deposits into your Jade FOREX trading account by the specified deposit method. After logging in to My Page, please click on "Deposit Procedure" and select your preferred payment method. You will then be able to review the necessary steps and details and proceed to complete the deposit.

Withdrawal Rules

JadeFOREX does not accept any withdrawal requests from third parties. Withdrawals must be made under the same name as the trading account holder. Withdrawal requests made in the name of a third party will be rejected. Withdrawals from your Jade FOREX trading account can only be made in the manner specified by us. For more information, please log in to My Page, click on Withdrawal Procedures in the menu, and select your preferred withdrawal method. Please then check the details and necessary steps and proceed to complete the application. Withdrawals can be made directly from the same account. Please note that only the person who opened the account can apply for withdrawal.

Rules for Execution

The larger the number of lots, the more difficult it tends to be to execute an order. Please understand and note that this is a basic point when using FX brokers.

Scalping Rules

We do not have any strict restrictions on scalping. However, trading may be suspended in the event that a customer's trading activity interferes with the execution capabilities of our servers. In some cases, we may take necessary action in accordance with our Terms of Service. Please refrain from extreme trading.

Rules for Stop Limit and Settlement Stop Limit

When we judge that there is a possibility of a sudden change in the market, such as when an indicator is announced, we will extend the range of the current price at which you can place a limit price or a stop-loss price.

Rules regarding bonuses

As a general rule, only one bonus will be granted per account (once) per name during the campaign period. If you have multiple accounts with multiple email addresses, and we find duplicate accounts, we may consider it as a fraud and take measures such as freezing your account. Please understand this beforehand.

The terms and conditions of the bonus withdrawal and the rules of use may change from time to time. Withdrawal terms and conditions apply at the time of withdrawal request, not at the time of account opening. You are deemed to have agreed to these conditions upon opening your account."

About additional margin

In the event of a negative margin balance, the bonus will be offset within 60 minutes, and for those who have not received the bonus, the account balance will be reset to 0 yen within 60 minutes before the deposit amount is reflected. This means that you can conduct active leveraged trading with peace of mind. Please be aware that the position will not be executed while you are holding it.

Account Deletion and Account Termination Requests

For Jade FOREX account deletion and account termination requests, please use the email address registered by the account holder using the Contact Us form. We will confirm the details of the request and delete the account or terminate the account within 3 business days. We do not issue any written documents regarding account deletion or account termination. If for some reason a third party needs to make an application, a written document showing the relationship with the person who registered must be submitted.

About trading reports

Please obtain the necessary documents for your tax returns, etc., from the Torihyo I platform in person. If your Jade FOREX account is deleted, suspended, or terminated, you will not be able to log in and retrieve all of your trading history. It is your responsibility to provide us with the necessary data prior to account deletion, suspension, or account termination. Please note that we are unable to retrieve this information.

Other Prohibited Acts

You may not engage in any of the following prohibited activities. If any of the prohibited activities are found, we may unconditionally suspend your use of the site, delete your registration, and freeze your remuneration. In some cases, legal action may be taken. The Company shall make the decision as to whether or not a prohibited activity exists, and shall not require any explanation of the content or basis for such decision from the customer.

  • Usage by anyone other than the account holder
  • Use of an account by more than one person.
  • Registration under the name of a non-existent person.
  • Registration by a person under 18 years of age.
  • Registration by a person who is a member of anti-social forces, a person who violates laws and regulations, or a person whom we prohibit from time to time.
  • Registration by a person who has provided false information, made a mistake, or intentionally omitted information from the registration form.
  • Persons who engage in illegal or questionable activities.
  • Trading that we deem inappropriate
  • Hedging trading, such as double-dealing, for accounts with more than one firm (or more than one trader).
  • Having more than one account with us and trading in both sides of a trade or other hedging transactions.
  • Repeated deposits and trades between third parties at the same time and withdrawals at the same time.
  • Trading that is deemed malicious by taking advantage of blind spots in the services or systems provided.
  • Interfering with the Company's business, whether intentionally or negligently
  • Infringing the copyrights or other rights of the Company or its contractors
  • Defaming, disgracing, or bringing disadvantage to the Company or third parties
  • Violating intellectual property rights such as copyrights, personality rights such as portrait rights, or other legal rights or rights worthy of protection, or violating related laws and regulations
  • Violating the privacy of a third party
  • Anti-social behavior, violation of laws and regulations, and other acts that we may prohibit from time to time.

Precautions and disclaimers when trading

Jade FOREX is not directly involved in your trading. Leverage is also a major risk factor. In addition, foreign exchange trading is not suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange, investors are advised to carefully consider their investment objectives, experience, and risk tolerance. Since there is a small possibility that you may lose part or even all of your investment, you should not invest money in an unplanned manner that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and, if in doubt, seek advice from a neutral financial advisor. Your trading is at your own risk and we assume no responsibility for your trading. All trading is done at your own risk and discretion.

Right to Delete

JadeFOREX does not check content prior to providing it, but reserves the right to make its own decisions on editing and deletion. In addition, JadeFOREX shall have the right to delete applicable IDs and content without prior notice to users if it determines that any of the items stipulated in the Terms of Use, including the Guidelines, or any action in violation of the Terms of Use has been taken, or if JadeFOREX determines that a user's rights have been or will be infringed upon. Furthermore, Jade FOREX reserves the right to delete IDs of users who have not used the site for a certain period of time.

Non-existence of contractual relationship

No contractual relationship such as franchise, outsourcing, joint venture, or partnership exists between Jade FOREX and the user.

Guidelines and Right to Change

Jade FOREX reserves the right to change the Guidelines as it deems necessary. Jade FOREX shall always notify Users in advance of any changes to important parts of the Guidelines.

Governing Law Jurisdiction

The Terms of Use and Guidelines and the relationship between the User and Jade FOREX shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the country in which we operate. The laws of the country in which the user resides do not apply. If a dispute arises between a user and Jade FOREX, both parties shall first attempt to resolve the dispute through discussion, but if this is difficult, both parties agree to use the courts of the country in which Jade FOREX operates.

Waiver of Rights

Jade FOREX's failure to exercise any of the rights set forth in the Terms of Use or Guidelines does not constitute a waiver of such rights. In addition, if any part of the Terms of Use or Guidelines is held invalid, the other provisions of the Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect.

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