Features of Jade FOREX

Jade FOREX offers the following five features to make trading easier for our clients. And we promise to continue to further evolve our services to meet the needs of our clients in the years to come.


Tight spreads and
low commission


Diversified management
of client funds


Sound operation in
compliance with laws


Multi-Language Support
for Customers


Speedy deposits
and withdrawals

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We will do our best to satisfy
our customers' needs.

Jade FOREX is fully committed to meeting the needs of individual investors, institutional investors, and all traders.
And we will continue to pursue services that satisfy the needs of our clients in pursuit of further evolution.

Execution Time






Support Hours


Four sincere declarations

Jade FOREX makes four declarations to ensure our customers trust us.These declarations are of course made as reliable Forex brokers, but we do so here to show the difference between us and rogue Forex brokers.

No price manipulations

The rates provided to clients are based on rates provided by liquidity providers and are free of any price manipulation or other intervention.

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No execution refused

Jade FOREX will not reject any trade placed by a client because it will place a cover order with the liquidity provider for all trades placed by the client.

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No withdrawal refused

Jade FOREX does not have any conflicts of interest with its clients, as the margins deposited by clients are kept at financial institutions and traded through liquidity providers. Of course, there is no withdrawal denial or profit cancellation.

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No hidden commission

Jade FOREX does not charge any account opening or account maintenance fees, nor do we charge any fees that you do not intend to pay.

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*Obvious guideline violations may be treated as exceptions.

Spreads provided by Jade FOREX

Jade FOREX gives you one of the best spreads in the industry. Also, we use variable spreads, so they are always variable. Therefore, the following figures are for reference only.

Standard Accounts(STP)

Instruments Bid Ask Spreads
USD/JPY - - -
EUR/USD - - -
EUR/JPY - - -
GBP/JPY - - -
AUD/JPY - - -


Low Spread Accounts(ECN)

Instruments Bid Ask Spreads
USD/JPY - - -
EUR/USD - - -
EUR/JPY - - -
GBP/JPY - - -
AUD/JPY - - -


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Trading Platforms

JadeFOREX has adopted cTrader as its trading platform, which is connected to a sophisticated user interface and high-level back-end technology, continuing to innovate in the financial industry. cTrader is a next-generation trading platform that is available on all devices, including PCs (Windows, Mac), smartphones, and tablets.

Ensuring Fair Trading with cTrader.

cTrader is an advanced trading platform developed by Spotware, a company based in Cyprus. It is the only platform that can guarantee fair trading that is customer-focused, and it has received numerous awards for its user-friendly interface and excellent UI. At JadeFOREX, we have connected this cTrader platform with a wide range of liquidity providers to provide our customers with the best trading environment possible.

  • Automated trading system available with simple setup
  • Highly customizable chart tools
  • Extensive technical analysis tools
  • Multi-device support for access from anywhere

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Simple 3-step trading account opening

Jade FOREX uses the Quick Account Opening (account opening in one minute minimum), which allows customers to open an account immediately by setting up their name, email address, and password. This makes it possible for customers to start trading with a very simple procedure.
*Although it is necessary to complete the submission and approval of identification documents, etc. when withdrawing funds, it is not necessary to submit identification documents, etc. at the account opening application stage.


Fill in the account opening form

You only need to fill in the basic information such as your e-mail address. A verification email will be automatically sent to the email address you entered at registration.


Email address verification

After you receive the verification email, click the confirmation link in the body of the email to verify your email address.


Account opening completed

You can start trading after logging in to the Client Portal and depositing funds for trading.

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Fastest 1 Minute

JadeFOREX offers a quick account opening that allows you to open an account immediately by providing your name, email address and password. This allows you to start a trade with a very simple procedure.

Fastest 1 Minute

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