Execution Policy

Industry's top class execution

"Execution" refers to the time between your "buy" or "sell" order and its execution. At Jade FOREX, we have been able to achieve 99.32% of all orders executed in less than one second. With this industry-leading execution rate, Jade FOREX will continue to ensure that client orders are executed with consistent execution speed.

Jade FOREX uses "MetaTrader 4," the most popular trading platform in the FX industry, which allows for all types of orders, including market, limit, and stop orders. It is also compatible with smartphones and tablets, so you can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location.


99.32% executed
within 1 second


No requotes or
order rejections


Automatic loss-cut
at 30% margin or less


No hidden
commissions at all

01.99.32% of all orders executed in less than 1 second

At Jade FOREX, our highly skilled development staff has created a top-notch system that executes 99.32% of all orders in less than one second, with no intentional requotes or order rejections. This is the ideal trading environment for our clients. We invite you to try our best trading environment. However, we do not guarantee execution in cases of low market liquidity or no price on the interbank market.

02.No requotes or order rejections

A requote is a refusal by a forex broker to trade at a desired price and resubmit the price. Order rejection, as the name implies, is a refusal by a forex broker to trade at a desired price. jade FOREX uses the NDD order method, which trades directly with financial institutions in the interbank market, to provide a clear trading environment free from price manipulation. As long as your order is accepted by the interbank market, there is no requotes or order rejection. In the event of a liquidity shortage, or if you place an order with trading volume that is not available on the interbank market, the interbank side may re-quote the price, etc.

03.Loss-cut is implemented at 30% margin maintenance ratio

Loss-cut means that the amount of loss is automatically fixed before the amount of customer's loss becomes more than the deposited margin. We automatically execute loss-cut when the margin maintenance ratio falls below 30%. And as a preliminary step to loss-cut, a margin call is triggered when margin maintenance falls below 100%.

04.No hidden fees at all

At Jade FOREX, we always strive to provide fair and transparent services that are customer-driven. A hidden fee is a fee that is collected without the customer's knowledge. Jade FOREX does not charge hidden commissions. We only charge a commission per trading through a low spread account.

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