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2 account types offered

Jade FOREX offers 2 types of account types: Standard Account and Low Spread Account. The Standard account is easy for beginners to handle and is suitable for beginners and general traders, while the Low Spread account is well suited for advanced traders and professionals. Please compare the specifications of each account and choose the account that best suits your trading style.

Standard Account

This is the most standard account offered by Jade FOREX. Enjoy comfortable trading with great execution power.

Law Spread Account

A market participation fee of $5 (one way) is charged for 1 Lot per trade, but this is compensated for by very tight spreads.

Account Type Comparison Table

Account Type Standard Account (STP Account) Law Spread Account (ECN Account)
Account currency USD, JPY USD, JPY
Execution STP ECN
Spread Variable Variable
Instruments FX:25 , Metal:2 ,
FX:25 , Metal:2 ,
Minimum first deposit 1,000JPY 1,000JPY
Minimum trading unit 0.01lot 0.01lot
Maximum trading unit 30lot 30lot
Leverage Up to 200x Up to 200x
Account management charge None None
Transaction charges None $5 / Lot(One way)
Margin call Margin retention rate 100% Margin retention rate 100%
Stop Out Margin retention rate 30% Margin retention rate 30%
Spread EUR/USD:0.8pips~ EUR/USD:0.0pips~
Zero-cut Yes Yes
Rollover Yes Yes
Hedge Available Available
EA Available Available

Differences in leverage depending on the trading instrument

The market for precious metals and energy trading is more risky and volatile than that of FX trading, so we offer leverage of up to 100x.

  Account balance Leverage
FX Trade Any Up to 200x
Metal,Energy Trade Any Up to 100x

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JadeFOREX offers a quick account opening that allows you to open an account immediately by providing your name, email address and password. This allows you to start a trade with a very simple procedure.

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