FX Trading (Foreign Exchange Margin Trading)

"FX" is short for Foreign Exchange and refers to foreign exchange margin trading. It is a trading method that targets profits from the difference generated when currencies, for example, the Japanese yen and the U.S. dollar, are bought and sold. The foreign exchange trading market is a global market where currencies can be bought and sold, and is the world's largest financial market, with an average daily trading volume of approximately 5 trillion US dollars. Unlike stock trading, the market is open 24 hours a day on weekdays, as the major markets of New York, London, and Tokyo are always open.

Jade FOREX offers 25 different currency pairs as follows You can trade forex with a fixed leverage of 200x in the Standard and Low Spreads accounts, respectively.

Currency Pairs


Forex Trading with Jade FOREX

  • Available 24 hours a day on weekdays.
  • 99.32% execution within 1 second.
  • High level of leverage up to 200x
  • Opening an account takes one minute
  • Direct access to financial markets
  • Unlimited automatic tradable
  • Adoption of MetaTrader4
  • Industry's top class tight spreads
  • No requotes and no trade rejection
  • Selection of 25 currency pairs
  • No hidden fees

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Precious Metals Trading

Precious metals such as gold and silver have been considered the most reliable assets since olden times and are popular investment targets as they are rare and attractive real assets. Gold, in particular, is valued as a safe haven asset in times of global instability and tends to maintain its value even in times of inflation.

Jade FOREX offers two types of precious metal options: gold and silver. Trading precious metals does not require the physical purchase of the commodity as in regular forex trading. In addition, as with Forex trading, leveraged trading is available on MetaTrader 4, and in precious metals, leveraged trading of 100 x is possible. In addition, we support our clients' trading with the following



Precious Metals Trading with Jade FOREX

  • Gold and silver available
  • No physical purchase or storage required
  • Up to 100x leveraged trading
  • Adoption of MetaTrader4
  • Industry's top class tight spreads
  • No hidden fees
  • Trade in the same account as FX

Energy Trading

The most typical characteristic of energy trading is its high volatility. This is in part because many demand and supply factors affect energy prices, the largest of which are global economic growth and war. In addition to economic changes, weather changes can also have a significant impact on energy. This high volatility in energy makes it an attractive trading target, and Jade FOREX offers natural gas and two types of crude oil stocks.

Natural gas is one of the world's most popular natural resources and is an energy where global demand, weather, the development of alternative fuels, and the balance between supply and demand are factors in price volatility WTI crude oil, a blend of West, Texas, Intermediate, and other crude oils, is also known as US oil. WTI crude oil, also known as US oil, is a blend of West, Texas, Intermediate, and other crude oils, and is characterized by its susceptibility to US development. BRENT crude oil, also known as London crude oil, is one of the crude oils that set the international crude oil price quotations.


  • NGAS
    (Natural Gas)

  • WTI
    (West Texas Intermediate)

    (Brent Crude)

Jade FOREX Energy Trading

  • Natural gas and 2 types of crude oil
  • Volatile in supply and demand
  • Up to 100x leveraged trading
  • Adoption of MetaTrader4
  • Affected by various indicators
  • No hidden fees
  • Trade in the same account as FX

*In the event of significant liquidity changes in the market, liquidity providers reserve the right to suspend or limit trading volume, leverage, or trading at their discretion.

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