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At Jade FOREX, we have contracted with Tier-1 liquidity providers to offer our clients rates as they exist in the interbank to ensure that all clients can trade fairly and safely.

While many brokers are suspected of illegal rate intervention, we offer purely interbank rates, allowing our clients to trade in a comfortable and safe environment.

We are also putting a lot of effort into enhancing our infrastructure environment, including our servers, so we are confident that our customers will be satisfied with the accuracy of our execution prices and the speed of our execution.


Stable rate supply
from multiple LPs


Adopt NDD Execution
with high transparency


Competitive infrastructure

01.Stable rate supply from multiple LPs

A liquidity provider (LP) is a group of financial institutions that support the interbank market. When a customer places an order, the order flows directly to the liquidity provider for execution.

In a broader sense, the liquidity provider is the forex market, or interbank, and in this case, the forex broker does not manipulate the execution or price.

Jade FOREX contracts with Tier-1 liquidity providers to provide clients with the best interbank rates at all times, so there is no price manipulation by Jade FOREX or no reason to reject an execution.

02.Adopt NDD Execution

Jade FOREX uses the NDD (Non Dealing Desk) method, which is a trading method in which the broker sends individual customer orders to liquidity providers of financial institutions that are interbank participants, and returns them to the customer if executed there. This means that the broker cannot manipulate prices or reject trades.

The NDD method automatically executes at the most favorable rate for the client. Many people are suspicious that the timing and rates may be manipulated, but the NDD method eliminates this concern in the first place.

03.Competitive Infrastructure Environment

No matter how good the communication environment is in the home or office of the trading customer, the response time and execution speed will depend on the robustness of the FX broker's infrastructure. In addition, online global markets such as Forex are expected to become increasingly competitive in the future. On top of that, Jade FOREX is committed to pursuing cutting-edge technology, enhancing its infrastructure, and providing a fair and transparent trading environment for our clients to use with peace with confidence.

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