Comfortable leverage in trading

"Leverage" is a lever-like mechanism that allows a trader to trade larger amounts of money with smaller amounts of capital. The margin requirement is the minimum deposit required to take a position in proportion to the volume of the trade, which is a kind of collateral for forex trading. This is the most important feature of forex trading, which allows you to trade several to several hundred times the amount of the margin deposited with the forex broker, so-called leverage.

Jade FOREX offers the following trading environment for both experienced traders and beginners in forex trading.


Up to 200x


Zero-cut guarantee
for secure operations


Margin Call


No change in margin rates
at night and on weekends

01.Up to 200x leverage

We offer up to 200 x leverage in our Forex trading. For example, a 100,000 yen fund can be used to trade 20 million yen. This leverage allows you to make large trades even with small amounts of money. By trading many times the amount of currency you have on hand and by controlling your money well, you can earn a large profit. Use this leverage feature to your advantage to maximize your profits.

At the same time, however, high leverage also carries a high risk of losing your money. With this in mind, we recommend that only beginners start with small trading volumes.

02.Zero-cut guarantee for secure trading

While high leverage means that you can earn large returns, it also increases the risk of having losses, and losses may occur on positions you are trading, resulting in a negative account balance. However, you can rest assured on that point as well. With the Zero-Cut Guarantee that we employ, there is no need to make additional payments or deposit additional funds even if your balance goes negative.

The Zero Cut Guarantee refers to a guarantee system that does not claim losses in excess of the margin deposit even in such a situation. Customers can operate with low risk and peace of mind by utilizing leverage. The zero-cut guarantee with no additional margin is essential for FX trading, especially when trading with high leverage, as market liquidity is higher than expected and sudden losses can occur.

03.Margin Call Warning

A margin call is a function that alerts you when your effective margin falls below the margin requirement.

We will notify you that you do not have sufficient funds in your account to maintain the position you are trading when your margin coverage falls below 100%.

04.No Change in Margin Rates During Overnight and Weekends

Margin rates for each of the stocks we offer at Jade FOREX do not change throughout the week, nor do they increase overnight or on weekends.

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