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IB stands for Introducing Broker. The IB program is a partnership program similar to the well-known affiliate commission program, in which you refer new traders to us who do not have an account with us, and we help you open an account and attract customers, and you earn a commission based on your trading results. We will earn commissions based on the results of your trades.

What makes the IB program different from other affiliate programs is that the longer a trader continues to trade, the more a portion of his/her trading commissions will be earned as an ongoing affiliate fee. (Lifetime Commission System).It is no exaggeration to say that this IB program is one of the most efficient online businesses available today, depending on how you go about it.

Jade FOREX offers industry-leading IB commissions to IB partners who are willing to help us grow, and both individuals and corporations can sign up as IB partners.


Reward of
up to 1.0 pips.


Continuing remuneration


Payment of
regular commissions.


Unlimited rewards per
referred customer

01.Rewards of up to 1.0 pips

At Jade FOREX, we want to attract as many traders as possible. For this reason, we offer our IB partners who introduce our services to traders an attractive compensation package that is among the best in the industry. Specifically, we pay up to $10 per lot (100,000 currency) of round-trip trading (for USDJPY trades) for every trader you refer.

02.Continuous and Regular Compensation Payments

Most IB programs in the FX industry use lifetime commissions. Lifetime commission refers to a form of compensation that does not end with a single performance fee, but is paid on an ongoing basis. IB commissions are paid indefinitely to traders introduced by our IB partners and are reflected in the IB partner's account on a set date and time each month. (The last day of the month is the 5th of the following month)

03.Unlimited Rewards

The Jade FOREX IB Program offers unlimited IB rewards, and there is no limit to the amount of IB rewards you can receive per trader. As long as your referred traders continue trading, you will continue to receive commissions. Since we do not have a cap on the amount of compensation, the amount of compensation for our IB partners depends on the amount of trading done by their traders.

04.How to join the IB program

Anyone who has opened an account with Jade FOREX can join as an IB partner. First of all, please send us a message by selecting IB Program Application" from the inquiry form. We will reply to you by e-mail.

As with most affiliate programs, there are no restrictions on how you can introduce your traders to us, including your own blog, website, email newsletter, social networking sites, etc. We encourage our IB partners to use their unlimited ideas to develop an efficient and effective IB business.

About IB Reward

Jade FOREX's IB compensation is divided into three ranks based on the number of clients you introduce to us, and the compensation is calculated at a unit price according to the activity of each rank. The rewards are reflected in the IB partner's trading account at a set date and time each month.

Reward Table by IB Rank

IB Rank Number of Active Traders Compensation Unit Price
Gold More than 100 1.0pips
Silver 20 to less than 100 0.6pips
Bronze Less than 20 0.4pips

Notes on IB Remuneration

  • Payments will be paid at the end of the month, on the 10th of the following month, in JPY.
  • Trading with the bonus minutes granted to traders is not included in the calculation of the IB reward.
  • Closing a position within 5 minutes of holding it is not eligible for IB compensation.
  • IB partners are prohibited from attempting to obtain compensation by themselves or in collusion with their relatives or third parties, which may result in the exclusion of the relevant trading from the calculation of IB compensation.

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