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Swap point accrual

Rollover refers to the extension of the settlement date of an open position. This swap point will be accrued and posted to your trading account. These swap points are accrued daily starting from the next business day after the open position is held.

This swap point fluctuates depending on the monetary policy of each country, so it is necessary to check the swap point as necessary. Of course, if your position is reversed, you will pay interest, so please be aware of this.


Adoption of


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Reflects the current
interest rate immediately

01.Adoption of Rollover

Jade FORX does not close and reopen open positions for all open positions at 22:00 GMT (7:00 in Japan), and swap points will be posted to your trading account at the prevailing interest rate for positions carried over into the night. However, rollover occurs at the close of the New York market, which is one hour earlier in the case of daylight saving time.

Since the foreign exchange trading market is closed on Saturday and Sunday, there is no rollover on weekends. However, banks calculate interest on positions held over the weekend, so we will post for three days on Wednesday. Saturday and Sunday will be posted together on Wednesday, and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday will be posted one day at a time.

02.Swap Points of High-interest Currencies

Swap points are generated by the difference in interest rates between two countries, so differences in the policy rates of each country affect the swap. Therefore, depending on the interest rate trend at the time, the amount of money you can receive will be larger if you buy a high-interest currency.

We deal in Australian and New Zealand dollars, which are representative of recent high-interest rate currencies. Swap operation, in which you accumulate swap points by holding these high-interest-rate currencies, has been attracting attention. However, swap points fluctuate daily depending on the interest rate level of each country and the direction of receiving and paying swap points can be reversed, so we recommend that you operate in moderation.

03.Reflects the current interest rate immediately

Swap points will be awarded at the open of the next day when a position is held across the New York close of the same day. In addition, swap points for Saturday and Sunday will be granted for three days after the close of New York on Wednesday. Please note that the number of days granted may vary due to holidays in different countries.

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