Fund Management

We protect customer funds

We have several measures in place to keep your funds safe and allow you to focus on your investments with peace of mind. The protection of our clients' investment assets is positioned as a top priority at Jade FOREX, and their funds are kept safe at all times.

On top of that, the three pillars of Jade FOREX's protection of client funds are centered on the complete segregation of client funds, non-dealing, and risk management policies and procedures to keep client funds safe and secure.


Complete segregation
of client funds


Adoption of NDD
(Non-Dealing Desk)


Risk management policies
and procedures

01.Complete Segregation of Customer Funds

At Jade FOREX, client funds are completely segregated from our company's operating funds. In other words, we do not use client funds for any purposes such as operating funds or payment of expenses. Therefore, due to the nature of our service operation, we will never deny a withdrawal requested by a client, and there will never be a situation where our funds are insufficient for such a withdrawal.

02.Adoption of NDD (Non-Dealing Desk)

We employ a Non-Dealing Desk (NDD), which means that all of your trading is covered by our liquidity providers. This means that there is never any conflict of interest between us and our clients, and we will always strive to maximize our clients' profits.

03.Risk Management Policies and Procedures

We have risk management policies and procedures in place to target specific risks associated with our clients' trading. In addition, client funds are deposited with highly rated financial institutions and are continuously monitored to efficiently identify and eliminate potential risks.

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